The High School Hackathon

No coding experience required!

November 8th - 9th

For one 4-day weekend, we are going to have 30 hours of hacking heaven.

30 Hours

$0 Cost

Free Food

The 5 Commandments

  • No more than four participants per team.

  • No previous projects, only fresh ideas & designs.

  • You cannot leave from 10PM to 7AM.

  • No substances & weapons.

  • Have Fun.



1:00PM: Doors Open

1:30PM: Sponsor Talks

2:45PM: Team Pitches

3:15PM: Kickoff Keynote

3:30PM: The Hackathon Begins!

4:00PM: CodeMV Sessions Begin!

8:00PM: Dinner is served!

10:00PM: Doors Close

12:00AM: Hack the Night Away

1:00AM: Midnight Snacks


7:00AM: Doors Open

8:00AM: Breakfast is served

1:00PM: Lunch is served

3:30PM: Hacking Ends

4:00PM: Submissions Due

4:15PM: Snacks Served

4:30PM: Judging Round 1 Begins

5:30PM: Judging Round 2 Begins

6:30PM: Winners are announced!

7:00PM: Hackathon Ends!


It's still TBA!


Prizes are still TBA!

It'll be LEGEN-wait for it-DARY!


What is a Hackathon?

Hackathons are where your crazy ideas become reality. Build anything you want to build, from websites, apps, software, hardware, just about anything that comes out of your crazy mind. Just make it in the 30 hours you have!

Who can attend? Do I need to have an idea?

Anybody! Our Hackathon specifically targets high schoolers, but everybody & anybody is welcome! Ideas don't grow on trees, so it's perfectly fine if you don't have an idea when you come to MVHacks. Most hackers have no clue of what they will build, yet many still win!

What if I've never programmed before?

No problem-o! No experience required! But if you're a complete freshie, we have lessons to help you get started! The main goal of a hackathon is to learn new things & meet new people!

Is there any support for hardware hacks?

Unfortunately, as high schoolers, our hardware support is limited. Contact us for more details regarding your specific goals so we can set you up best.

Do I need to stay the entire 30 hours? Do I need to be there?

No, not really; but it would be awesome if you did! Since we are using challenge post to submit hacks, you can submit off-site if you decide to not attend. Also keep in mind that the hackathon will be closed off to all inbound or outbound traffic from 10PM to 7AM, so unless you hack overnight better at home, stay, & have some fun!

What if I have never attended a Hackathon before?

Great! This will be a fun AND novel experience for you! As mentioned before, no experience is required. A hackathon is a great place to meet new people of many types, & learn a lot from the entire experience & people met. We would be honored to make your first hackathon MVHacks.

Can I use previously written code or previously built hardware projects?

Nope. Nee. Nie. Ne. No. Na. Ni. Non. Nahi. Nein. Nai. You MUST start from a blank slate of ideas & designs.

What's the cost?

Weren't we clear enough!? Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Completely FREE! All food, T-shirts, goodies are all free; in fact the chance of gaining money is higher than the chance of losing it. (0%)

How big are teams?

A maximum of four participants. No more. It's perfectly fine to be alone, too.

How do I get here?

Get a ride! Use the chat in the App to schedule carpools! You can also use Uber & Lyft to get get rides.

What should I bring?

The minimum: A laptop, toiletries, & your brain. The maximum: All your technology! Oh, don't forget your brain.

How do I register?


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We're excited to be hosting the high school hackathon!
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Can't code?

No experience?


Doesn't Matter!

Come to the CodeMV Sessions!

In these sessions we will teach you:

  • Programming basics

  • HTML5, CSS3

  • Basic Java implementations in Android

  • Basic C# implementations in iOS

  • Basic JavaScript implementations in the Web

Come to these sessions & you'll be ready with time to start your own hack!

The sessions are taught by sponsors, high school & college mentors!

Whether you can code or not does not matter; whether you want to learn does.

CodeMV. Enjoy!

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